Buchi Cafe Cubano is located in the Sunnyside neighborhood, just northwest of downtown.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a satisfying and memorable Cuban café experience by offering a unique product and personal service, at a fair price.

Our concept is to provide the customer with traditional Cuban coffee served in a unique and enlivening atmosphere by friendly and knowledgeable staff. The idea is based on the Cuban cafes that are found in Cuba, Key West and Miami; which are known as social epicenters in their given neighborhood. To this we add a touch of finesse, a bit of sass and good dose of "friendly neighborhood joint".

Authentic Cuban coffee, pressed sandwiches, a broad selection of top shelf rums and genuine Cuban character are Buchi’s defining attributes.

The idea came about while on a visit to my hometown Key West. Sitting on the beach sipping a café con leché, I lamented the reality of returning to my home in Denver and being without the smooth, rich and delicious nectar I'd grown up on. If only there was a little joint in my north Denver hood that had the same coffee and sandwiches that were so important to daily survival in south Florida.

Fast forward a few months, subtract 50 degrees and add 3 feet of snow. That morning was like many I'd experienced since starting my construction company: cold, earl and snowing with the promise of a one hour ride to an unheated jobsite. While shoveling my truck from the snow, angelic chords struck, the heavens parted and a voice spoke from above...well not really, but you get the idea. It was then and there that I decided to embark on the adveture that is now known as Buchi Cafe Cubano.

Buchi...coffee with character and soul, minus the pretense.

Cuban by infusion.